Taller Mountains


The march out of this valley forges ahead

Fleshy arms and cumbrous legs fight to finish

Eyes spanning towards summit

Hope is rising

Pain is passing as a new day dawns

Puzzle pieces of gray sky fall away

A painted sky peaks through the empty spaces

Thoughts have ran away to quiet places

Nothing to say

All I can do is push forward

To focused on the top to see

The apricot sky becoming around me

Carry on till the break of dawn

Heights are becoming the lowest places 

Blended in a sea of familiar faces

You see me

Ten thousand caring thoughts

You hear me 

An ear amongst the chatters

You love me

It shines through rips and tatters

Let me live a life that matters

Mountain below and mountain above

In the midst of adversity you send a dove

On wings of trust I am carried above

I’m perfecting the art of saying goodbye 

Tougher than the peak before

Grander things you speak

I am sore but I soar

Trust the heart of the laden journey

A peak, a valley, a desert, or flurry 

Content in each phase

Focus on your ways

I like the way you move

Like waves in the oceans you push and pull

Coming to shore only to be lost at sea again

But you call me your friend

And your mercy never ends

My delight rests upon you alone

Let me fall before your throne

I am known

Push me towards your heavenly shores

Towards the core

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